Stephen Colbert Promotes Sister Elizabeth Colbert Busch For Congress (Video)

A YouTuber filmed this footage while attending a Charleston bowling alley stump speech this weekend in which Stephen Colbert, not as a TV anchor but as a brother, came forward to promote his sister Elizabeth Colbert Busch, who is running for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District.

In this video, Colbert started off with his endorsement by telling how his sister worked hard and is a strong, independent and a self-made woman. He said that she has one quality which makes her different than all the other politicians in Washington. “She is sane,” exclaimed Colbert.

He also used the last minutes of his speech to point out how the Republican House of Representatives refused to vote the Violence Against Women Act.

Previously, Stephen Colbert had highlighted his sister on his show, revealing secrets from her middle school diary and mentioning for the very first time that her girlhood nickname was Lulu.

Watch the video above to see how The Colbert Report’s host dropped character to endorse sister for Congress.

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