Stolen Cookie Leads To Car Chase And Wreck

A stolen 99-cent cookie leads to a police car chase through a Virginia town and a car wreck. I wish I were making that up.

Cookies make people do silly things.  Consider what happened in a town in northern Virginia.  A perp stole a 99-cent cookie, walked off rather majestically, and drove off.  Eventually the police got involved, leading to a car chase through town, a wrecked car, and breaking into someone's house.  I wish I could say that this occurred in Florida, because then that would make sense.  But no, it is Virginia.  It's all so silly sometimes.

The cookie theft happened in Fredericksburg, Virginia, known for two battles in the American Civil War, and as the birthplace of the power chord.  At a 7-11 in the Bragg Hill area of town, a young man grabbed one of those cookies you find next to the cash register at 7-11s, the ones that are wrapped and not in the pastry case and cost 99 cents.  It was definitely not the meta-cookie, that's for sure.  The perp then walked out of the store with the stolen cookie and ate it, probably feeling all awesome, before stepping into a car with a couple of his buddies.  The store clerk immediately called police and told them the car's license plate number as it drove off to another part of town.

About 45 minutes later, police found the cookie thief and friends driving in the same vehicle, likely stolen, in another part of Fredericksburg.  The cops gave chase, resulting in a very slow car chase that people seeing them pass would have been confused about.  While driving through a parking lot, the three perps jumped out of the car, and fled the scene.  Meanwhile, the car was still running, and decided to go over into an embankment and crash into a tree, almost hitting an apartment in the process.

Some time later, while searching the crashed vehicle, police received a complaint from a nearby neighbor that two of the three perps ran into her apartment without asking, because reasons.  The woman's boyfriend forced them out through yelling at them to leave, which they did, bolting out and running until they disappeared.

Fredericksburg Police are searching the vehicle to find if there is anything worth noting from the vehicle that will lead them to arrest the cookie thief and his two buddies.  This seems unlikely.  Anyway, I'm going to have a cookie. 

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