Hundreds Of Chinese Shoppers Lift Bus To Free A Trapped Elderly Woman

The 76-year-old was accidentally dragged under a bus in Guangzhou province.

Hundreds of shoppers in Guangzhou, southern China, were caught on camera lifting a bus off an elderly woman who got dragged under the giant vehicle and became trapped directly under the driver’s position.

It’s still not clear how the 76-year-old ended up under the bus, but her cries of help alerted the crowd who rushed to help her. After 15 minutes of struggle, the mob managed to tilt the bus and get the woman out of the harm’s way. The members of the rescue group even got out an umbrella to keep her in the shade as soon as she was rescued.

Initially, the crowd planned to drag the woman out, but her hair and clothing were trapped under the front wheel of the bus, preventing her from moving. The bus driver also refused to move the vehicle as he was afraid of hurting her further.

People Lift a Bus Off an Elderly Woman in China

The unidentified woman was immediately taken to a local hospital for head injuries, a dislocated elbow and fractured leg. Luckily, the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

The doctors believe she was conscious the entire time she was trapped under the vehicle.

As People's Daily Online reports, the driver was questioned by the police following the incident; however, it’s not clear if he will be charged.

Check out the video posted above to watch the incredible moment the good-hearted strangers came together to rescue the elderly woman.

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