Stray Dogs Unexpectedly Show Up At The Funeral Of Woman Who Used To Feed Them

Attendees at the funeral of a Mexican woman Margarita Suarez were surprised beyond belief when a number of stray dogs turned up at the ceremony, as if to pay their respects to the deceased.

Margarita Suarez, Stray Dogs Attend Funeral Of Elderly Animal Lover Margarita Suarez

It seems Suarez was extremely kind to animals and never hesitated to help the ones in need. She barely earned enough to get by, yet every day, she would feed up to 20 stray cats who showed up at her house in Merida. Whenever she went outside, she used to feed the stray dogs in her area as well.

When Suarez sadly passed away earlier this month and her mourning family arranged her memorial service, they probably didn't anticipate any unexpected guests, much less the animals she once fed.

Stray dogs show up at funeral to pay respects to lady who used to feed them

The staff at the funeral home didn’t recognize these animals, claiming they had never showed up there before. Although, once they realized that the dogs were there for Suarez’s ceremony, they allowed them in.

The heartwarming photos show the dogs respectfully lying around the casket while the family members and friends of the deceased watch them in stunned silence.

Stray Dogs Attend Funeral

The dogs marched behind the hearse and then returned to the funeral home only to leave when Suarez’s body was being prepared for cremation.

“In pain, they jumped for joy, it was wonderful,” said her daughter Patricia Urrutia.

It’s still unclear how the dogs knew about the woman’s demise, yet their devotion to her is certainly incredible.

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