Student Fights Campus Racism After Being Called 'Indian Piece Of Sh-t'

USC senior Rini Sampath posted a powerful message to combat intolerance and racism after being the target of a hate crime on campus.

One inspirational University of Southern California student refused to be silent after a racist slur was spewed at her from one of her peers while she walked across campus. 

USC senior Rini Sampath, also the school's student body president, was walking from a friend's apartment when someone yelled, "You Indian piece of sh-t," outside of a fraternity house window and threw a drink at her and her friends. 

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USC Rini Sampath

Once they realized it was their student body president they were taunting, the fraternity members offered apologies.

But we can bet it wasn't really the crude act or the racism of their brother that they were apologizing for, just the fact that they chose the wrong Indian to target. 

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"Once his fraternity brothers realized it was me, they began to apologize. This stung even more," Sampath said on Facebook. "Today, as I try to unpack these events, I couldn’t quite figure out why their after-the-fact apologies deepened the wound. But one of my friends explained it to me the best this morning: "Because now you know, the first thing they see you as is subhuman.”

In response to the hateful incident she experienced, Sampath posted a thoughtful and eloquent recount of it which ended with a plea to her peers for a change. 

Last night, as I was walking back from my friend’s apartment, a student screamed out at me through the window of his...

Posted by Rini Sampath on  Sunday, September 20, 2015

 "Whether racism or sexism or homophobia or transphobia happens on the internet, or behind closed doors, or in a small group setting, or as ‘just a joke,’ it’s not okay. It’s never okay," Sampath wrote. "I was surrounded by nearly ten of my friends when this happened last night. I’m glad I was, because I don’t know what I would have done if I was alone."

The university and Sampath issued a joint statement condemning the fraternity's actions and explaining how to report such incidents as they occur. 

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