Student Hides In Locker To Film Thief...Her Teacher

When Justine Betti hid in a locker to catch a thief, she was shocked to discover who it was.

There is a lot to learn from this story about a high school student that caught her gym teacher stealing. First the story: someone at a high school in Linden, CA was stealing from students while they were at gym class, or at least it was known that the thefts were happening while their stuff was left in the locker room. High school amateur detective Justine Betti hid in a locker to record the thief, set up a second camera in another locker to get a second angle. But this story is more than just the facts. Here's what I learned from the case of the thieving gym teacher.
1. Sometimes the person stealing from you is the only person around when the stuff goes missing. Okay, I'm being a little presumptuous here, but clearly Betti knew when to watch for thefts. Perhaps it could have been another student, who would claim to go to the bathroom and then steal cash from her classmates, but are we all that shocked, given that someone was stealing, that it was the person with the most access?
2. Sometimes school principles would rather cover their teacher's ass than deal with the consequences. The principle reportedly asked Betti to delete the video. That's really bad, and maybe even illegal. It's evidence of a crime, and without it, the whole thing turns into a your word vs. mine thing, which the teacher would probably get off from. Demote the principle to gym teacher.
3. High schoolers don't necessarily make good interviewees. Betti doesn't seem unlikable or unintelligent, but she mostly produces quotes like this one: "Right when I we got the video, I was like 'oh my gosh, I can't believe I got this on video,' and I couldn't believe that I had it." Eh, I feel mean typing that, but she says it all in a classic high schooler monotone, which I find hilarious.
4. TV News is as hilarious as I remember.  I don't own a TV, so it had been a while since I'd seen something along the lines of Good Morning America. The entire genre hasn't changed. The important-sounding voiceover, the totally unnecessary chalkboard graphic at the end to show the teacher's sister's quote...classic. And by classic I mean I remember that sort of thing from the 80s and early 90s.
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