Student Who Organized Largest Harlem Shake Performance Faces Possible Expulsion While People In Harlem React To The Videos (Video)


A filmmaker named Chris McGuire took man-on-street reactions in Harlem to the (recently gone viral) Harlem Shake videos to get proof whether or not the dance is the true HARLEM shake. Turns out, it really isn’t!

It’s not really dance, it’s free-style”, says one man.  “It’s actually an art form, a dance art form that doesn’t have the respect it deserves,” says another.  “Injustice!” exclaims one more.

I think the name of the videos should be changed to NOT Harlem Shake Dance. Don’t you think?

Another (not so good) Harlem-shake-related news has emerged in which a University of Alabama student is now facing possible expulsion for organizing the largest Harlem-Shake performance on campus.

Freshman Nojan Radfar gathered hundreds of students in his campus’ central park where the huge performance was held. The first 15 seconds of the video feature only one person dancing and then a whole lot of people join in dancing and shaking.

You can watch the largest Harlem Shake performance here.

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