Study Proves Armed Civilians Are Useless In Preventing Shootings

A new study proves that armed citizens are not the solution to America's mass shooting epidemic, despite gun rights advocates claims that more guns in public spaces are the solution.

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After almost every mass shooting, gun rights advocates call for more guns in public spaces as the ultimate solution to eradicating America’s shooting spree epidemic.

The American public has mostly agreed with the notion that gun violence can be deterred with more guns, siding along with politicians like Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry who believes guns in movie theaters “makes a lot of sense.”

But a new study has put the “bad guy vs. good guy with a gun” notion to the test and discovered the obvious: regular people don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to firearms.

Researchers from Mount St. Mary’s University recruited 77 volunteers with differing levels of firearm experience and training and had them participate in three simulated situations to see how the volunteers would fare.

The researchers found that participants without firearms training did not do well. The individuals didn’t duck for cover and were too eager to pull the trigger and shot at innocent bystanders or weren’t quick enough and were “shot dead.”

The study, funded by the National Gun Reform Council, isn’t the first of its kind either. In June, the Violence Policy Center released a report stating that gun owners rarely use their guns in self-defense, instead more likely to injure themselves or someone else rather than stopping a criminal. These recent studies make the message clear: proper training is absolutely necessary and should be administered with gun purchases.

Not even touching upon the fact that the increased presence of guns leads to more gun-related violence and death, the study hits the nail on the head (or should we say hits the target?) that mandatory training for gun ownership is essential. As the Washington Post reports, most states do not require training or even a license to purchase a gun and the National Rifle Association has even opposed laws requiring mandatory training for gun purchases.

But if a license and adequate training is required to drive a car, shouldn’t the same go for a firearm with the ability to kill as well?

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