Sudden Explosion Scares Texas Reporters On Camera (VIDEO)


A loud gas explosion was caught on camera by a local Texas news crew that appeared quite scared at the sudden blast during their broadcast.

According to Corpus Christie-based KIII-TV, News Anchors John Thomas and Jane Monreal were on air with Meteorologist Kristen Diaz when a home on the 4800 block of Holmes and McArdle occurred Friday morning. The blast could be felt from all over town, including the KIII-TV studios.

As Thomas tried to get on with the transmission a loud explosion caused them to stop and watch each other uncomfortably for a while. And then Monreal said, “Oh, well, the studio had a bit of a ruckus. We’ll have to see what that’s about. We might be making our own news.”

Later it was revealed in news reports that investigators said the explosion, which happened almost two miles away from the channel’s studios, left three people seriously injured and damaged about 70 homes!

You can watch the news anchors getting scared, but bravely carrying on with their show after the explosion in the video above.

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