Suicide Attack Kills At Least 40 In Afghan Wedding Party

NATO on Thursday blamed the Taliban for a suicide attack that killed at least 40 Afghan wedding guests in an area where US-led troops are massing to drive insurgents from their fiefdom.Officials said a suicide bomber strapped with explosives had walked into Wednesday's wedding party -- which relatives said was attended by members of an anti-Taliban militia -- and unleashed a deadly hail of ball-bearings.The Taliban, who are leading a nearly nine-year insurgency against the Western-backed government and the estimated 142,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan, denied responsibility and blamed a NATO airstrike for the deaths.More than 70 people were wounded when the explosion ripped through the celebrations in Arghandab district, 20 kilometres (12 miles) north of Kandahar city, which is the birthplace of the Taliban movement, local officials said.Most of the victims were male as the explosion occurred in an area of the wedding festivities reserved for men, they said.The groom's brother, Moham