Is It Fair To Expect This Small German Village To House 750 Refugees?

As the refugee crisis in Europe intensifies, a small village in Germany lacking basic infrastructure readies for an influx of 750 Syrian refugees.

Germany Village Houses

The refugee housing crisis has hit the German state of Lower Saxony where a small village of Sumte is forced to house 750 Syrian asylum seekers.

As another harsh winter approaches, the villagers have been told to house refugees in a town that can hardly sustain itself. The edict is problematic for the small village, with a population of only 102 people, that even lacks basic infrastructure. The village has no shops, schools or even a police station.

Add to it the 750 refugees, and things certainly do not look good. There are bound to be problems for both the residents and the newcomers.

Germany Village Houses

The village residents have spoken against this forced settlement but in the words of the spokesperson of the interior ministry of Lower Saxony, the village only had two options — “yes or yes.”

Christian Fabel, the mayor of Sumte, and his wife initially presumed the news "a joke”, believing it “certainly could not be true” that the village would be ordered to house 10 times the number of asylum seekers as villagers.  

Pro asylum seeker policies of Angela Markel’s Christian Democratic Union party are also drawing criticism from the opposition with around a 12,000 joining a protest against a supposed “Islamization” of Germany allegedly caused by the onslaught of refugees.  

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