Super Car! Car Removed From Californian Roof After Crash Landing (VIDEO)

This video is ironically hilarious. In the video you will actually see ‘Super Car!’ in real life. Californian Police had to deal with a rather unusual situation when they to remove a crashed car from the roof of a house in California.

How did it reach there? The Californian Police wondered the same!

The driver who apparently fled the scene in his boxer shorts is said to have lost control of his speeding car in foggy conditions. The car then hit some large rocks, which in turn sent the car flying (hence we call it the ‘Super Car’) into the air. The car parked itself on the roof top perfectly.

Two people who were in the house when the car landed, were left unharmed. The driver was also later picked up by the police and he too was not hurt. The police removed the car from the rooftop with the help of a crane.

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