Supplies Flown Into Queensland's Flooded Rockhampton


Waters have been gradually submerging parts of the city of 77,000.

More than 20 towns in Queensland have been cut off or flooded across an area larger than France and Germany, with more than 200,000 people affected.

Authorities have warned that the crisis could last as long as a month and cost more than a billion Australian dollars.

Rockhampton has already been badly hit, with many people being forced to flee.

"Today we'll see resupply of Rockhampton by military aircraft taking supplies into Mackay and then road transporting them down to Rockhampton," the state's emergency coordinator, police Deputy Commissioner Ian Stewart, said on Monday.

"That will continue until such time as the road is cut."

Flood waters are expected to reach nine metres (30 feet) on Monday and peak at 9.4 metres on Wednesday, threatening as many as 4,000 homes.