Support Growing To Move Proposed Mosque Away From WTC Site

Governor David Paterson says support is growing from outside sources to move the proposed mosque away from the former World Trade Center site, but says the decision is ultimately up to the developers. The governor says the developers and his staff were in talks a few days ago about possibly moving the mosque and Islamic center. Travel plans forced the meeting to be postponed, but talks are expected to resume. On his radio show this morning, Paterson did not say whether or not he supported moving the proposed mosque to another site, he did say the idea is in the works. "I think that changing the address is a possibility because the ideas are still the same and changing the address could affect ethic and cultural understanding at a value that would be historic before they lay they first brick to build the building,” said the governor. “And I'm not saying that they have to, I'm not pushing them, I'm not telling them what they have to do, it's their ball." But the founders of the Islamic center dispute the governor. They say no meetings were ever scheduled between the imam and the governor. They go on to say there has been no communication with the governor's office. They reiterated their commitment to staying at the current site.