Supreme Court Justices Caught On Mic Mocking Protesters

Recent uncovered audio recording reveals Justice Scalia and two other conservative justices mocking protesters who enter a hearing to raise concerns about campaign finance.

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The public has not exactly been on the best of terms with the Supreme Court as of late; the Fisher v. University of Texas case they heard earlier this week, which addresses the viability of affirmative action, has sparked outrage amongst many, as some of the justices seemed disinclined to provide minorities with educational opportunities.

Justice Scalia, in particular, made some extremely distasteful comments regarding this: “There are those who contend that it does not benefit African Americans to get them into the University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less-advanced school, a slower-track school, where they do well.”

This is not only offensive, but also blatantly false—experts thoroughly debunked Scalia’s reasoning.

Affirmative action, which has been vital in allowing many minorities to have wonderful experiences in higher education, is one of the few laws that actually benefit non-white races, and other justices, such as Sonia Sotomayor, are passionate advocates for it. The public largely agrees.

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Recent hot mic audio will compound this distrust and animus toward certain justices, as the unearthed recording reveals three conservative justices laughing and mocking protestors.

The protestors interrupted a hearing on April 1 to make some points about campaign finance reform—certainly a subject worth talking about, considering the power and influence of Super PACs.

The justices clearly did not agree. Justice Scalia scathingly mutters “Oh Lord,” when he sees the protestors, and later comments that they should be given “stiff, stiff penalties.”

Kai Newkirk, the director of the organization that sponsored the protests, told CNN that “what Scalia says reflects that attitude of contempt. It reveals an attitude—saying these people should be given 'stiff, stiff penalties' -- that they don't want to hear the voices of the people."

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