Surprise Raid Reveals Drug Lords Living Like Kings Inside Manila Prison

In Manila, money can buy anything-even behind prison bars.

Some 100 operatives from various law enforcement agencies conducted a surprise raid on the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Manila, Philippines.

They found prisoners, mostly drug lords living in a luxury that can easily be compared to that of 5 star hotels.

Among the items discovered were 500 grams of a substance believed to be shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride), a 48-inch TV set, Jacuzzi, Rolex watches, sound system, musical instruments, refrigerator, PlayStation 4, sex toys, hi-tech devices like signal boosters and jammers, as well as Wi-Fi antennas, and cash in local and foreign currencies.

Here are some of the glimpses from inside the prison as shared by Philippine’s media:

Does this look like a prison room meant to punish an inmate convicted of heinous crimes?

A large part of the luxury items belonged to Peter Co, a locally prominent drug lord.

A hot tub, sex doll, cash and shabu were also seized from the room of Jojo Baligad, a dismissed US Army serviceman who was jailed for drug trafficking.

From the room of robbery group leader Herbert Colangco, authorities found cash, music equipment, Rolex Patek Philippe, Cartier and Panerai luxury watches as well as wallets from high-end brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

It is clear that despite being inside the national penitentiary's maximum security compound, convicted drug lords have been able to continue with their operations.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, who led the raid, said at least 19 convicted and influential drug lords will be transferred to another detention cell. Their visiting privileges have also been suspended.

De Lima said she was surprised to see all this as he had been assured by jail officials that inspections of cells were being conducted from time to time.

''Such a situation is really unacceptable and untenable for me. I'm completely disgusted,'' she said.

She added that charges will be filed against the inmates found in possession of the prohibited items and criminal charges will also be filed against jail officials found to be negligent of their duties.

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