Presidential Candidates Need To Read This Campus Sexual Assault Survey

Almost all presidential candidates have conveniently ignored campus sexual assault in their campaign speeches. If this survey doesn’t draw their attention, nothing will.

campus sexual assault

Nearly all the presidential hopefuls this year have conveniently ignored controversial – yet crucial – issues while wasting voters' time on mud-slinging and xenophobia.

While climate change and gun control are sometimes cautiously addressed, there's one topic that affects almost every American family, and yet is completely disregarded.

Despite igniting a nationwide debate last year, it appears campus rape has so far remained a non-issue for White House hopefuls. However, a recent study might change that.

Nearly a quarter of undergraduate women surveyed at more than two dozen American universities say they have been victims of sexual assault or misconduct involving either force or alcohol and drugs.

This Association of American Universities carried out the study, the largest ever conducted on college sexual assault.

The results come at a time when colleges and universities across the country are under increased scrutiny and being pushed to take effective measures to combat rape.

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Last May, when the Department of Education released a list of 55 colleges with open “sexual violence investigations,” many thought it would bring about a huge change in the way people talk about rape culture in the United States.

Unfortunately, it didn’t.

Sure, steps were taken, such as introducing “sex consent forms,” but they proved to be either ineffective or demeaning to campus rape survivors.

With all of the prospective leaders of the country not the least bit interested in tackling campus rape, there doesn't seem much chance of improvement in the system anytime soon.

Democrat aspirant Hillary Clinton is the one candidate who's bothered to highlight campus sexual assault, but even she took almost five months to get to it since announcing her presidential run in April.

There are several independent surveys out there that indicate how widespread the problem of sexual assault on campus is. And while the one released by AAU isn’t revealing anything new, it contains alarming statistics that are yet more reminders of how urgently the problem needs to be addressed.

Let’s hope its damning figures manage to elicit responses from the candidates. Because if this doesn’t, nothing will.

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