Survivor of Nepal Avalanche Describes the Scene of Death (Video)

Italian climber Christian Gobbi was one of the lucky ones to survive the avalanche that killed eleven others in Nepal. In this video he describes the moment his tent was swept down a Himalayan mountain.

"At about half-past four, a quarter-past four, we wake up heard the wind blowing, and later we feel some snow on our tent. Then the tent was covered and we started sliding down, then after 10-15 seconds then we stopped," he recalls.

The avalanche hit about 4 a.m. on Sunday while more than two dozen climbers were sleeping in their tents. It was the deadliest such accident in Nepal in nearly two decades.

Several people were injured, and some are just gone missing without trace. Eight bodies have been brought down from the site. Among the dead, there are French, German, Italian and Spanish climbers and a Nepali guide.

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