Suspected Al-Qaeda Attack In Yemen Kills 11

Eleven people including three female cleaners, a boy and seven military personnel have been killed in a suspected al Qaeda operation to free detained militants in Yemen. Around 4am on Saturday the main gate of the Yemeni intelligence headquarters in Aden was stormed by alleged terrorists carrying guns and grenades. They killed the women and child who were nearby, injured 12 others and blew up or shot the guards in a battle to get inside the building. Yemeni's higher security committee said preliminary investigations "indicate that the criminal attack carries the marks of the al Qaeda terror network", the state news agency Saba said. There were widespread reports that the assailants gained entry and freed al Qaeda members who were being held inside. Witnesses said the attackers "were seen leaving the building in a bus, taking people who had been detained there with them", in what appeared to be a co-ordinated and well-planned operation. There were no casualties among the gang.