'Sweet' 16 Year Old Nubia Wilson Is Raising Money For Orphans In Ethiopia

Most girls ask for a big party to celebrate their 16th birthday. However, this young girl asked for something much different.

Nubia Wilson from Antioch, California, decided that a Sweet 16 wasn't for her when she realized the money she would have received from a party could be used for something much greater than herself.

The young girl volunteered in Ethiopia recently, where she saw extreme poverty right in front of her eyes, including watching young children walk to school barefoot. 

That's how she decided that instead of asking for a party or birthday gifts, she would ask for money to donate to the children she interacted with. Her main goal is to provide a fifth grade for the students she saw, because their school only goes up to fourth grade.

Wilson created a page on a website called Crowdrise, where she raised over $2,000. However, her work isn't stopping there. Wilson wants to raise $10,000 for her cause, and is doing so by the help of friends and family. Her family even allowed Wilson to auction off some of her their Ethiopian collections, which she will do later this month. She has also been selling chocolate bars for her campaign.

Wilson, who said she hopes to be a humanitarian lawyer when she grows up, is certainly on the right track for helping others. Hopefully, Wilson's work will encourage other teenagers to make humbling choices like hers.

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