Sybrina Fulton And Tracy Martin: Maybe Jury Didn’t See Trayvon As Their Son (VIDEO)


Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin appeared on CNN and talked to Anderson Cooper on Thursday night about the murder of their son, Trayvon Martin, and the Florida jury that found the shooter, George Zimmerman, not guilty.

Soon after the court announced its ruling, demonstrators rallied on Sunday (and on Monday as well) protesting against the verdict all across the US. They came out on streets, chanting slogans and bearing placards. A great debate regarding the rights and freedom of the African American community and racism in sparked across the country.

I cannot understand the disconnect [of the verdict],” said the kid’s mother. “They didn’t see Trayvon as their son, they didn’t see Trayvon as a teenager, and they didn’t see Trayvon as ahuman being that was minding his own business.”

I’m very afraid right now, because I have no clue what to tell him. I have no clue if I should tell him to run or walk, if I should tell him to defend himself or just lay there. I have to clue what to tell him,” said Fulton who couldn’t believe that the murderer of her son was let free.

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The father of the slain teenager, Tracy Martin said that he taught his children to focus on becoming “upstanding citizens” without advising them to fear other races. “But when you have a situation such as an unarmed teen gets shot in the heart for doing absolutely nothing, you have to say to yourself, ‘What is it that I can tell my child now?’”

You can watch Trayvon Martin’s parents’ conversation with Anderson Cooper in the video above.

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