Sydney Chief Islamic Funeral Director Refuses To Bury Lindt Cafe Terrorist Haroon Monis

“Dump him in the sea or chuck him in a sh*thole, we won’t have him.” Sidney’s chief Islamic funeral director says.

Sydney Cafe Terrorist

Now here’s a stance worth a standing ovation.

On December 15, 2014 Haroon Monis, a 50-year-old an Iranian refugee and self-styled religious leader took over Sydney’s Lindt Chocalat Café and held customers hostage. The standoff lasted for several hours till the police managed to break in and raid the café in a blast of gunfire and flash grenades killing the assailant as well as injuring and killing several hostages.

Now his body lies unclaimed at a local morgue and if Sydney’s chief Islamic ­funeral director has his way, it will remain that way.

Other local Muslim leaders seem to agree with him.

 “We don’t care about him, we don’t know him, chuck him in the bloody shithouse,” said Amin Sayed, funeral director with the Lebanese Muslim ­Association.

“Nobody’s going to do his funeral. No Muslim funeral home will accept him.”

“They can throw him in the bloody sea.”

 “Anyone who does harm to Australians, we don’t want him,” he added.

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Muslim leader Keysar Trad said the Imam of the Lakemba mosque “doesn’t want a bar of him”. But he added that according to Islamic law, no Muslim can be denied a funeral unless they renounced their religion prior to death.

If Monis’s body is not claimed he will be given a “destitute funeral” by the Department of Health.

A NSW Health spokeswoman said, “local health districts are responsible for the processing and payment of destitute burials and cremations in their district.”

It is a fate no one would want for themselves but one that this mad man most likely deserves. Hats off to the Muslim society in Sydney, Australia for standing up and making a point-terrorism will not be tolerated.

Sydney Cafe Terrorist

Indeed the rest of the Muslim world also needs to start taking a stand against acts of terrorism taking place in the name of Islam. The silent majority needs to be heard and for that it needs to take a stand, make a point and refuse to tolerate any acts of violence and injustice committed in the name of religion.

No longer are statements of condemnation, online campaigns that start with a furor and die away in whispers enough. It is time for action.

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