Caves And Basements Are The Only Refuge For Injured Syrians

Struck by war and violence since March 2011, the people of Syria have been living under extremely harrowing conditions.


Aerial bombings, civil war between local factions — life has been anything but easy for Syrians since 2011.

More than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives since this all started. Homes, schools, markets and even hospitals have not been spared in the war to exterminate the terrorists and the bad guys.


The destruction of the hospitals is perhaps the worst. Where do all the sick and injured go? Any makeshift medical facility always faces the threat of destruction. Bombed and driven out of their homes, injured and fighting for their lives and no hospitals to go to — to say that Syrians are living in a hell on earth is no exaggeration.

The country’s largest chemical weapon attack on Aug. 21, 2013, in the Damascus suburbs was the first prominent incident that further ignited the need for underground medical facilities.


Reportedly, 687 medical professionals have been killed, including 254 doctors, in attacks on 236 medical facilities since March 2011. Apparently, about 90% of the total doctors have already left Syria and the rest fear for their lives.

The situation drove doctors and medical staff to start makeshift medical facilities in caves and basements.  


Doctors perform trauma surgeries, treat people with symptoms of malnutrition or dehydration and even deliver babies in these makeshift hospitals. These hospitals may not be standardized for antiseptic measures but they are still saving lives.

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The Assad government, ISIS militants, rebel fighters, Russian fighter jets and even U.S. led coalition forces have all played their part in the extreme destruction.

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