It Took A Massacre To Turn The World’s Focus Back To Syria

While U.S. coalition forces are busy fighting Islamic State terrorists, Bashar al-Assad is allegedly killing thousands of people in Syria.

Syrian government warplanes attacked a market in the rebel-held town of Douma on Sunday, killing at least 82 people and wounding hundreds, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and aid groups.

A graphic video purportedly showing the aftermath of the attack was posted online on Sunday:

The tragic incident, which is now being called an “official massacre,” has finally shifted the world’s focus from Islamic State terrorists towards Syria where a four-year-old civil war has resulted in the deaths of almost quarter of a million people, including nearly 12,000 children.

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People attempt to identify bodies after the attack – Reuters

Ever since the ISIS established a self-proclaimed caliphate in the Middle East last June, questions were raised as to how the United States and coalition forces would deal with the new problem in the embattled region – especially when Syria’s biggest war criminal, its President Bashar al-Assad, was still at large.

With the West busy in fighting off ISIS terrorists in Iraq over the past year, it turns out Assad had allegedly been killing thousands of people in his country.

As of June 30, the conflict in Syria had killed nearly 11,100 people this year, according to USAID figures, with most of the deaths caused by attacks carried out by the Syrian Arab Republic Government (SARG) and pro-SARG forces – nearly 7,000 civilians.

Moreover, as per Syrian Revolution Network, an online network of activists, around 50 markets have been bombed by the Assad regime since January and the market in Douma was bombed twice in four days. (Note: These figures have not been independently verified.)

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The Syrian civil war has turned into the worst humanitarian crisis in modern times and even more horrifying is the fact that the world community has not been able to do much to put an end to the miseries of the affected people.

The massacre of Douma is a stark reminder of how the West should not turn a blind eye to Assad’s atrocities while battling ISIS in the region.

Apart from the loss of life, the conflict in Syria has displaced more than 11 million people, including 7.6 million people internally and more than 3.9 million people to neighboring countries.

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