Syrian Army Officer Drops Weapon, Calls Rebel Fighters His ‘Family’ (VIDEO)


According to UN reports at least 100,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict, which started with peaceful protests against Assad's rule in March 2011 but gradually spiraled into a civil war after a military crackdown on the demonstrations.

Nearly two million refugees have fled the country plagued by the sectarian-tinged struggle between mainly Sunni Muslim rebels and President Bashar al Assad's Alawite supporters, whose minority sect is a branch of Shi'ite Islam.

Syria has more or less been completely destroyed. Pictures and videos coming out from the country give an idea of how worse the situation has turned. A footage showing Syrian rebel commander ripping out and eating the heart of a pro-Assad fighter did rounds on the internet in May this year. That video helped the world to analyze how gruesomely grave the civil war in Syria has become.

But this time around, a very surprising and rare peaceful encounter video has emerged of a Syrian Alawite soldier who drops the weapon in his hand to talk to a couple of Sunni rebel fighters. The army officer later calls his political enemies his ‘family.’

“We did not come to destroy or harm anyone, because you are our families and brothers,” the soldier shouted after an exchange of gunfire to a group of rebel fighters standing nearby.

He added, “Regardless of where you are from, you are Syrian so you are my brother.”

One of the rebels asked the soldier to come forward and assured him that he wouldn’t be harmed.

I was enrolled in the Syrian army with you, and I’ve witnessed the unfair way in which you treat civilians,” one rebel complained to the soldier.

The Syrian army officer replied, “A corrupt officer or a minister comes along and ruins everything for all of us… every household has one bad person, but that doesn’t mean the entire family is bad.”

You can watch the complete footage in the video link above.

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