Video Shows Syrian Boy Braving Sniper Fire To Rescue A Little Girl

Fake or not, the situation in Syria is as bad as shown in this video.

A young Syrian boy has been labeled a hero after footage emerged this week showing him braving a swarm of bullets to rescue another child.

The video released by the Shaam News Network, a news channel run by anti-regime Syrian activists in Damascus, appears to show the boy lying on the ground, either hit by a bullet or playing dead.

Suddenly, he gets up and keeps running, as bullets are flying, determined to save a little girl stranded in the middle of the road under a burnt-down car.

Fortunately, the two children manage to make it out of the shoot-out safely.

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The authenticity of the amateur video, which was uploaded on YouTube, couldn’t be independently confirmed. Many viewers are now wondering if it was a staged incident.

Although Shaam News Network states the harrowing moment was captured in Syria, no further details have been provided, for instance, it’s not clear who exactly is shooting at the children and why.

Still, some experts believe the incident happened in Yabroud - a town near the Lebanese border which was the last stronghold of the moderate rebel Free Syrian Army.

Meanwhile, a lot of YouTube users are praising the boy, hailing him as a hero.

“A smart boy, strategies [acquired] by living the wars,” user Saud Helal remarked.

“This video is not for the faint of heart. The boy in this video is my hero,” another commented.

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