Syrian Refugee Gives Back To Germany By Feeding Their Homeless

Alex Assali cooks food for Berlin's homeless every Saturday as a way of expressing his gratitude to the country.

THATS ALEX! A big shoutout to him this morning, Dieser Mann beeindruckt mich zu tiefst! Seine Geschichte ist nicht...

Posted by Tabea Bü on  Saturday, November 21, 2015

Alex Assali, a Syrian refugee who resettled in Germany, has found a way to give back to the country for welcoming him in. Assali selflessly spends each Saturday in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz station handing out food to the homeless.

While he sometimes has help prepping and cooking the food, other days he does it completely on his own, garnering the respect of many homeless individuals as well as the public.

Assali, like many others, fled his hometown of Damascus in Syria due to the threat of ISIS. Tabeau Bü, a woman he met through Berlin Refugio (a charity dedicated to provide communal shelters for refugees) shared his story on Facebook, divulging the arduous journey that led him to his current home—he traveled via Lebanon, Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan and Libya, before finally arriving in Europe and settling in Germany.

Assali's sign on his table indicates his desire to "give something back to German people." His altruistic humanitarian spirit, despite the strife he has encountered, is an inspiring and moving message to all of those who possess anti-refugee sentiments. 

Banner Image Credit: Facebook, Tabeau Bü

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