Strangers Throw Syrian Refugee Couple A Surprise Wedding In Canada

A Syrian refugee couple was forced to leave their home country soon after they got married, but with no photos left as memories, one kind lady helped them relive the entire event.


The bride and groom <3

Posted by Eman Idil on  Sunday, December 6, 2015


Mohamed Al-Noury, 21, and Athar Farroukh, 23, were forced to flee Syria only 10 days after their marriage, leaving no photographs from the couple's wedding.

A CBC News reporter, Eman Bare, who interacted with the two, thought it would be nice to click a few pictures of them and immediately put the idea forward: “Well I have a camera. If you want tomorrow, I can take a couple [of] wedding-type pictures for you.”

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However, she soon changed her mind and posted a more elaborate idea on Facebook:


Hey Saskatoon friends! Anyone want to get together for an improv wedding tomorrow ? yes I'm serious ! I spent the...

Posted by Eman Idil on  Saturday, 5 December 2015


Within no time, people began sharing the post, gathering more than 130 shares and many even stepped up to help out in executing the plan. While one person donated a wedding dress, another offered a wedding cake. Delta Bessborough, a hotel in Saskatoon, also donated a hall for the event and within a matter of only a few hours all the necessary arrangements were made.


I can't believe this is happening. Someone I met today gave me her wedding dress for tomorrow's wedding. How is this reaaaaal. Saskatchewan, I love you. Thank you for reminding me how amazing people are.

Posted by Eman Idil on  Saturday, 5 December 2015


Approximately 50 people attended the wedding celebrations, as the bride walked into the hotel’s ballroom with a bouquet of donated flowers.


I’m of the belief that it’s impossible not to love someone, when you know their story. Thankful for Amanda O'Leary and...

Posted by Eman Idil on  Sunday, December 6, 2015


“He look a little funny,” Farroukh said about her husband to the StarPhoenix. “It’s the first time he’s worn a suit.”

Bare too was rather excited about the support showed by the community and wrote on Facebook “Thank you for reminding me how amazing people are.”

The couple had met in high school and moved to Canada as refugees a year ago. They plan to continue living there. 

Check out the video of the “impromptu wedding” below.


Mohamad Al-Noury and Athar Farroukh were thrown a surprise wedding party today in Saskatoon.

Posted by CBC Saskatoon on Sunday, December 6, 2015


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