Syrian Security Forces Open Fire On Sit-In

Syrian security forces threw tear gas and live ammunition on Tuesday at anti-government protesters who took over a key square in the country’s third-largest city, witnesses and activists said.

A witness says that the police used loudspeakers to warn protesters to evacuate the area. Soon after the security forces got in, throwing tear gas initially and then live ammunition at the activists who had fetched mattresses, foodstuff and water to the location in an Egypt-style sit-in, declaring to remain there until President Bashar Assad is expelled.

“They shot at everything, there was smoke everywhere,” an activist in Homs said on telephone. “I saw people on the ground, some shot in their feet, some in the stomach.”

Other protesters confirmed his explanation, and said the accurate figure of casualties was not obvious. All of the activists talked on condition of secrecy for fear of retaliation.

At least 200 lives being killed in the previous month in Syria as security forces have initiated a fatal attack on a mounting protest movement, human rights groups say.

The activists have also become gallant. Additional than 5,000 anti-government protesters took over the square in Homs on Monday, declaring to stay until Assad’s ouster.

The Government blames the weeks of anti-government turmoil in the country on ultraconservative Muslims in quest of establishing a fundamentalist state and threaten the people.