Taiwanese Man Dies After 3 Days Of Nonstop Gaming

Fellow gamers kept right on playing as emergency responders carted away the body.

A Taiwanese man is dead after a three-day gaming binge at an Internet cafe in the island’s south. He's the second person in just two weeks to die in Taiwan from gaming himself to death.

The 32-year-old, identified by his family name Hsieh, was found slumped in his chair in the cafe. Doctors confirmed he had suffered cardiac failure, ruling it a “sudden death” from prolonged computer gaming.

An employee of the Internet cafe said Hsieh was a regular customer known for playing consecutive days. He'd often sleep at the computer console.

Fellow gamers through Hsieh was dozing, until an employee realized he actually wasn't breathing. Hsieh was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead there.

It’s not the first case of Internet-addition death this year in Taiwan. A 38-year-old man also died in an Internet cafe in New Taipei City on New Year’s Day after five non-stop days of video gaming.

Police said in both cases other patrons appeared "nonchalant" about the deaths and continued playing even when tables were cordoned off for investigators to gather evidence.