Take Note GOPers—French President Welcomes Refugees In Spite Of Attack

President Hollande refuses to abandon his morals even in face of enormous adversity. The Republican governors could take a page out of his book.

hollande and obama

Despite the devastating attacks that struck the heart of his country on Friday, France’s President Hollande remained strong willed and principled in defiance of the terrorists whose objective was to divide and destroy.  He has committed to taking in 30,000 more refugees within the next two years (which is 20,000 more than the United States).

Hollande honorably stated that, “Our country has the duty to respect this commitment…some people say the tragic events of the last few days have sown doubts in their minds...but it is our humanitarian duty.” He also pledged that, “France will remain a country of freedom.”

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It is not only a morally responsible choice, but also a wise one—ISIS’s goal is to engender fear and distrust within the human population, and by denying refugees and practicing fear-induced bigotry, we would be playing into their hands. 

This is all in obvious contrast to the nonsensical Republican stance following the tragic events in Paris—almost 30 U.S. state governors said they would refuse to let in refugees. This is despite the fact that they have no real say on the matter, and that no evidence has been found suggesting that any Syrian refugees were involved in the attacks.

Hollande’s measured response is the perfect antidote to the constant fear-mongering Republican leadership has been dishing out, and parallels what President Obama has been saying for the past few days. This is the type of leadership we need now more than ever.

Banner Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Matthieu Riegler

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