Target's Gun 'Ban' Is Pathetic, For So Many Reasons

Pretty please, don't bring guns to stores, Target pleads. When will U.S. companies stand up to gun extremists?

Don't bring your gun to Target. 

Sit with that for a moment. We live in a nation where Target has to "respectfully" ask its customers not to pack heat while shopping for bulk toilet paper and "Frozen" dress up costumes. 

We live in a nation where retailers are forced into announcing these common sense policies because some of their customers have zero common sense.

We live in a nation where some yahoos try to prove the size of their, ahem, manhood with the size of the ridiculous assault rifles they parade through stores, terrorizing other people in the name of ... what, exactly? 

Are they in such dire need of personal defense shopping for sheets and diapers that they need rifles? Does the idea of navigating the in-store Starbucks line so daunt them that only an AR-15 will do? 

Do Better, Target

It's pathetic that Target even has to address what should be obvious to anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together. But Target needs to seriously grow a backbone. 

The retailer, like Starbucks, Chipotle, Sonic and Chili's, became a target for Moms Demand Action, which is naming and shaming places that allow gun extremists to walk around with long arms in their businesses.

Target felt the pressure, but its new gun policy couldn't be any more wishy-washy. Target "respectfully request that guests not bring firearms to Target – even in communities where it is permitted by law."

That's not a ban. That's not a threat to eject customers with assault rifles strapped to their back. That's basically a "come on, guys, pretty please" request. 

Target couched their request by saying guns are at odds with a "family-friendly shopping and work experience." If that's what they need to tell themselves, fine.

We can think of 32 perfectly good reasons: the 32 people, on average, who will die in America today because of guns.

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