Watch This Taxi Driver Get Dragged For 20 Meters By An Uber Cab

Taxi drivers’ protest takes a horrifying turn when one of them got dragged by an Uber car 20 meters along a busy road.

A taxi driver protest in Toronto took a violent turn, with video showing a driver clinging on to the window of an cab as it races down a busy road.

The incident took place during the protest at city hall in Toronto against Uber's cab services. Taxi drivers were protesting against Uber drivers for alleged illegal services and lower wages.

The footage shows the taxi driver pounding on the door of a Uber cab waiting at a traffic signal. However, the cab driver did not open the window and things got out of hand when the signal turned green.

From Silicon Valley to Paris, protests against Uber cabs are nothing new. The cab service has been in one controversy after another since it started functioning.

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