Tea Party And Democrats Actually Agree On Something

In stunning new development, tea party members and democrats have found something to work on together.

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In a stranger-than-fiction new development, it turns out that the Tea Party and Democrats actually have something in common, and it’s solar power. This is huge for American politics that is usually characterized by divisiveness and mutual disgust for the two major parties.

Debbie Dooley, founder of the Atlanta Tea party, said, “Being good stewards of our environment, craving energy freedom and choice is not a leftist issue. It’s not a radical right issue. It’s an American issue.”

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That’s right, and I think America is ready to hear more opinions that bridge the gap rather than divide.

Democrats have criticized Republicans for immediately putting forward the Keystone Pipeline bill which they should have known would be rejected by President Obama. Meanwhile, Republicans are criticizing the President for his executive order on immigrants, saying that this move throws in the face any chance to work together on tough issues.


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These are constant problems in American politics that result in stagnation. Everyone is tired of another standoff. Everyone is tired of another shutdown because politicians continue to bicker and can’t get their act together.

We applaud the Tea Party for standing up for something they feel is right even if the opposing party agrees with you.

Stephen Smith, director of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, said, “This ballot initiative is a great example of where you need people from across the political spectrum to take on monopoly power.”

We hope to see more of this in the future. 


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