Tea Party Election Results Diluted In Highly Populated States


Tea Party supporters boasted of their 28 victories in U.S. House races. What the election results also made clear was that their appeal stopped at the border of the most densely-populated states and metropolitan areas.

Republican Carl Paladino, who had the Tea Party endorsement, took a 27 percentage-point drubbing from Democrat Andrew Cuomo in New York’s gubernatorial race. In California, Carly Fiorina failed in her Senate race.

Other contests in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia showed as well that Democrats maintained their political firewall in areas that historically have backed their party.

In New Jersey, Tea Party-backed U.S. House candidate Anna Little lost to Democratic incumbent Frank Pallone by 11 points. Governor Chris Christie backed Little only after his first choice lost to her in the state’s Republican primary.

Christie last month decided not to join a lawsuit the Tea Party filed against the health-care overhaul President Barack Obama pushed through Congress. And he rejected help from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a prominent spokeswoman for the Tea Party causes of limited government and lower taxes, for his own campaign last year.

“The trend is away from Tea Party people, demographically,” said Ken Warren, a professor of political science at St. Louis University.