Bad Thief Steals From A Charity Store Only To Return It As A Donation

Sometimes thieves have a change of heart. Or tech issues. Whatever.

Talk about an indecisive heart. A man in the UK saw an Android tablet at a charity shop and decided to pick it up for himself – mind you without asking or paying – only to return it eight days later because he was technologically challenged when it came to operating the device.

Sheepish, much? Apparently that was the case when it came to Christopher Hooson. The 33-year-old saw something he liked on display at Jonny Kennedy store in Whitley Bay. When the staff wasn’t looking, he decided to pocket it for himself.

Pretty easy to take something when no one is looking, right?

Yes, but it’s not so easy – or smart, despite the good intentions behind it – to return it. When he did so, the staff recognized him from CCTV footage and called the police. He was arrested and had to defend himself in court.

Hooson admitted to taking the item but thought it would be “cheap or free.”  But when District Judge Begle questioned him in court, he admitted that was not the case.

For whatever it’s worth, he stole an item that didn’t belong to him, then returned it under the guise that it was accidental, then admitted his fault in a court of law and ultimately suffered the consequences of his rather floopy actions with a hefty fine over a hundred dollars.

We all make mistakes – but this one, in the face of karma’s evil grin, just seems silly.

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