GOP Debate: Forget Trump, Ted Cruz Has A Plan Of His Own For Muslims

“We should focus on the problem,” Cruz said. “It’s not a war on a faith, it’s a war on a political and theocratic ideology that seeks to murder us.”

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Donald Trump came under fire from his Republican rivals during Tuesday night’s presidential debate  a prime-time event that featured candidates tussling over who would be toughest in protecting America from terror threats.

Almost all presidential hopefuls united against Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from entering the United States  except Ted Cruz, who not only refrained from directly berating the business mogul, but also said he understands why Trump proposed this ban.

In fact, the Texas senator has a plan of his own when it comes to Muslims and terrorism.

“I understand why Donald made this proposal,” Cruz began, breaking his silence on the inflammatory proposal. “I introduced legislation in the Senate that I believe is more narrowly focused at the actual threat which is radical Islam terrorist. … What my legislation would do is suspend all refuges for three years from countries where ISIS controls substantial territory.”

While Trump does not have an ally in Cruz, it is no secret the two have maintained a somewhat neutral relationship in public so far. Some even believe the Texas senator hopes to win over Trump’s supporters eventually.

“In this instance there are millions of peaceful Muslims across the world like India where there is not the problems we are seeing in nations that are controlled by Al Qaeda or ISIS,” Cruz continued, adding he doesn’t agree with Trump. “We should direct at the problem and focus on the problem and defeat radical Islamic terrorism. It’s not a war on a faith it’s a war on a political and theological ideology that seeks to murder us.”

Well, at this point in time, Cruz’s future plans to ban refugees coming in from ISIS-controlled areas do not seem much different from what Trump has proposed. Perhaps Trump is not the only candidate to look out for when it comes to Islamophobia.

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