Ted Cruz’ Father: America A “Christian Nation,” Obama Should Go "Back To Kenya” (Video)

We can now partially explain why Ted Cruz (R-Tex) is as crazy as he is: his father, Rafael Cruz, is even crazier.

We can now partially explain why Ted Cruz (R-Tex) is as crazy as he is: his father, Rafael Cruz, is even crazier. Video has emerged of the elder Cruz speaking to a Tea Party group in Hood County Texas. It’s a stark reminder that Ted Cruz has his limits, but Tea Party fanatics with no plans to run for president anytime soon (Ted Cruz clearly has designs on 2016), are about as nutty as you can imagine.

Rafael Cruz, a former businessman and now an evangelical pastor, declared that the United States is a “Christian nation.” The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were a “divine revelation from God.” As for Obama, can you believe he “has the gall to tell us that this is not a Christian nation.”

Aren’t you glad you live in a country that insists on the separation of church and state? Listening to Rafael Cruz makes one understand the Texas secession movement. These guys aren’t interested in a messy, diverse democracy like the U.S., they want a theocracy, with justice almost as swift as a lightning bolt from the sky.

Oh, and don’t think that’s all Rafael Cruz said about President Obama. He called for our second-term, center-left President to be sent back to Kenya. Previously he has said that Obama “side[s] with the Muslims,” and that Obamacare mandates “suicide counseling.”

Senator Ted Cruz does not distance himself from his father: he has brought Rafael Cruz along to meetings with evangelicals in places like Iowa (which is, by pure coincidence, the first state in the presidential nominating contest).

We talk a lot about the split in the Republican Party between the “mainstream” and the “Tea Party,” but there’s actually a subtle split in the Tea Party between government purists and religious purists. There is a wing of the Tea Party that doesn’t care so much about social issues, but is more concerned with governance (they were instrumental in getting ear marks removed from legislative business in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives). These two prongs of the Tea Party coexist well enough in most instances, but it’s worth noting that Rafael Cruz represents the most insane edge of the most insane movement in America.

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