Hypocrite Ted Cruz Asks For Help For Texas

Cruz’s demand for help exposes his hypocrisy about Hurricane Sandy.

Texas floods

Ted Cruz, in the most contradictory move of 2015, is demanding the federal government help pay to rebuild his state. What happened to his strong appeal to independence that was present a few years ago after Hurricane Sandy? After voting against emergency aid for the victims of Sandy, this demand for federal aid comes off as that of a selfish, vacillating, weasel.

“This bill is symptomatic of a larger problem in Washington — an addiction to spending money we do not have. The United States Senate should not be in the business of exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund pork projects that further expand our debt,” he said, in response to Hurricane Sandy.


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Washington’s “addiction to spending money” doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? Not unlike any other politician going back on his/her word, Cruz’s lack of conviction here is just another reveal of his transparency. However, as much as we all may want the White House to say, “I told you so,” Texas is, indeed, in need of great help. And, perhaps, a new Senator.


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