Not So Cuddly Teddy Bear Threatens To Kill Obama

Teddy Bear Paradise pleads guilty to threatening Obama with murder.

This women definitely doesn't live up to her cuddly name. 

Teddy Bear Paradise, 57, pleaded guilty Friday to threatening to assassinate President Barack Obama.

Paradise -- formerly Denise O'Neal -- "admitted to mailing a letter to President Obama in which she told him that she was coming to Washington, D.C., to murder him. She also admitted to telling two Secret Service agents of her intention to kill the president, claiming that if she could not do it herself, she would find someone else to kill him," United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson said.

Teddy Bear will have plenty of chances to think in timeout -- she faces fives years in prison and $250,000 in fines when she's sentenced in November. 

Paradise has been on a presidential assassination threat roll. She also threatened to kill George W. Bush and her probation officer, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Besides her name, the most shocking thing about this case is that Paradise isn't from Florida. She's from Houston, Texas. 

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