Teen Cyclist Hit By Car Told "Sorry, I Can't Stop, It Would Upset My Kids"

English cyclist hit by car left bloody and bruised on the side of the road.

UK teen cyclist hit by car told: Sorry, can't stop, your blood would upset my kids, we're late for school

When a cyclist was badly hit by a car in England, the woman got out of the car and informed him she could not help him because the blood on his face would scare her children.

Taron Stead, 17, was riding in his brand new mountain bike in the early morning traffic on March 6 when he was hit by a car. The male driver stopped the silver car and the passenger got out and told him she could not help him because they were late getting their children to school and the blood on his face would upset their children. She returned to the car and drove away without even asking if he was okay.

“I can’t believe anyone would leave an injured child at the side of the road after a crash, but it was rush hour and it would have been busy so I am hoping that witnesses come forward and help the police trace the driver. There is CCTV in the area too. I hope the driver and his passenger who drove off see Taron’s injuries and think about their actions. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet, or I dread to think what might have bloody happened,” said Naomi Pickard, 45, Taron’s mother.

Staff Members from Sheffield University found Stead and called the paramedics. Stead suffered facial injuries and bruising, but was not seriously injured.

Staff at the local bicycle shop were so horrified by what happened to Stead that they offered to fix his bike for free, Pickard said.

At least someone in this story has a heart.

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