Teen Dies After Being Accidentally Shot By Her Own Father

A 17-year-old Missouri teen died on Christmas Eve after being shot by her father who was cleaning a gun he thought was unloaded.

A 17-year-old Missouri girl is dead after being shot by her own father with a gun he says he thought was unloaded.

Kaitlyn Pullam was found unconscious in her bedroom on Dec. 21 with a gunshot wound to the face, according to Daily Mail.

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 Supposedly, her father's gun "inadvertently" went off.

Witnesses reportedly told police that a relative was trying to unload a black powder rifle when it accidentally discharged and shot through the wall, striking Pullam.

She spent a few days in the hospital on life support until her family took her off and she passed away on Christmas Eve.

The family's pastor reportedly said they've received a great outpouring of support and generosity since the terrible tragedy, but no one seems to be addressing the underlying issue that has been a constant detriment nationwide which is guns kept in the household.

These "accidental deaths" are happening too frequently despite the fact that they are 100% preventable by just not keeping firearms inside of homes.

Gun violence has gotten totally out of control and clearly, adequate gun safety is being disregarded altogether.

Why are you even cleaning your gun inside? Is that not a task to be done outdoors or in a shed somewhere?

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This young, innocent life has been stolen by her own father who now must live with the guilt and emotional trauma he's caused his family and friends. It's hard enough for a parent to lose a child at all, but to be responsible for their death is a pain unimaginable.

All in the name of the constitutional right to bear arms ... How long is this negligence going to continue?

Banner Photo Credit: Facebook/Kaitlyn Pullam

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