Teen Secretly Set Up Home In Walmart

Lauren Burgoon
The teen even 'adopted' a pet fish during his illicit stay at Walmart.

Walmart might need to clarify its slogan to help people understand it's not "Save money. Live better (just not at Walmart)" after a 14-year-old secretly set up a home in one store.

The teen hid out in a Corsicana, Texas, Walmart, undetected for two days, and certainly made himself right at home. He set up bedding, stole food and drinks from the store and even put a pet fish in his abode, CBS-DFW reports

He also wore diapers rather than use the store bathroom.

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The boy had two "compounds" inside the 24-hour store and was hidden so well that no one spotted him for days. Then came the downfall so many men can relate to -- he didn't clean up after himself and the trash trail led store employees to the teen. 

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The teen ran away from his aunt's house to live at Walmart, according to CBS-DFW. He's back in the custody of relatives and probably too young to remember an awful Natalie Portman movie where the same thing basically happened.