Teen Makes Graduation Dress Out Of Old Homework For A Noble Reason

Erinne Paisley decided to forgo a traditional graduation dress to raise awareness about an important cause.

Erinne Paisley

An 18-year-old Canadian girl is receiving a lot of well-deserved praise for fashioning a dress out of her old calculus homework. The reason behind wearing the statement making dress was pretty straightforward: The graduate wanted to raise awareness about the importance of education.

Erinne Paisley, a student from Reynolds Secondary School in Victoria, British Columbia, wore the dress made entirely out of paper and a lot of scotch tape to her graduation ceremony in a bid to promote the educational rights for the women all over the globe.

Teen makes graduation dress

“I've received my education. Not every woman has that right. Malala.org,” the dress reads.

As it turns out, the youth activist had planned to buy a normal dress for her high school graduation. But as the event drew near, she thought about the girls who didn’t have access to proper education and decided to do something to draw attention to this problem.

“I actually just made it throughout one day with my best friend and we used a lot of scotch tape, a lot of… satin wiring to hold the dress together,” she explained.

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Erinne Paisley, Paper prom dress girl

Paisley even donated the money she had for the dress to Malala Foundation – a nonprofit organization set up by Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousufzai, which campaigns for girls' education around the world.

“I thought it would be a great time to try to redirect the energy and attention of graduation back to an organization and a movement that’s trying to provide the same opportunity to girls,” said Paisley. “I thought using my homework would be a very visual and real representation of everything I’ve had the opportunity to put into my education, and everything I’ve received from it, and how valuable and how powerful an education really can be.”

The young girl has already made a name for herself by co-founding Action Now, an activist organization in her school. She was also awarded with the title of Education First Global Citizen in 2013.

Teen Uses Homemade Prom Dress

Paisley will study international relations at the University of Toronto this fall on a full four-year scholarship. In future, she aspires to be a part of United Nations and work for the betterment of women all over the world.

Also, the immaculately designed dress is now up for auction on GoBid and all the proceeds will go directly to Malala Foundation.

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