Teenager Jordan Brennan Killed After Doing Gangnam Style

When people hear the song 'Gangnam Style', they usually feel a sense of happiness. But for one teenager, Jordan Brennan, the song ultimately got him killed.

Jordan Brennan, 17, was killed the other day after an unfortunate incident with another teenager. 

Jordan walked into a shop, where he broke out dancing the popular 'Gangnam Style' dance in front of a boy of South Asian decent. The boy, whose name has not been released, saw Jordan doing the dance and felt his ethnicity was being mocked.

A fight broke out between the two teenagers, and Jordan fell, hitting his head twice; on a store shutter and then on the concrete floor. The head injuries he sustained from his fall fractured his school and led to bleeding in his brain, which Jordan was unaware of until the next morning when his mother Kim, sadly found her son dead.

After the 16 year old saw the story appear on the news, he turned himself into the police and pleaded guilty to man-slaughter. However, it is believed that he had every right to draw the conclusions he did; that Jordan was making fun of him in a racial slur and his intentions were not to kill Jordan in any way.

Jordan's parents said he was a loveable and bubbly boy who was lost way too soon. 

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