Caught On Camera: Teenager Punches Spanish Prime Minister In The Face

“I’m glad I did it,” the teenager reportedly said, after he was arrested for sucker punching the Spanish prime minister.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was speaking to a group of people during an election campaign event when a 17-year-old boy punched his left cheek, leaving him shell-shocked and with broken glasses.

Rajoy walked away with a large red mark across his face but he did not appear seriously injured as he was able to come to an event at the city of A Coruna later that day.

The teenager was arrested on the spot and reportedly told the police “I’m glad I did it,” according to El País, a Spanish newspaper.

The PM has been campaigning for re-election and the vote is just days away.

Although the police have been unable to find any motive for the assault, it is a well-known fact that Rajoy is largely despised by the Spanish youth. In fact, he is despised more than Francisco Franco, a tyrant who imposed a 36-year fascist dictatorship in the country. It might be because of a slew of corruption allegations against him and an astoundingly high unemployment rate under his government.

The general election in Spain is this Sunday and Rajoy is expected to win. Taking his notoriety among millennials into account, perhaps this time around, he will take appropriate measures to alleviate the nation’s joblessness crisis.

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