Teens Allegedly Filmed Sexual Assault And Posted It Online For Likes

Two Missouri teenagers may be facing criminal charges for filming themselves sexually assaulting an intoxicated girl and posting the video on Facebook.

Two Missouri teens may be facing criminal charges after they posted a video of their sexual assault on an unconscious girl for social media likes.

One of the boys can reportedly be seen in the video fondling the girl’s breasts while she is half-naked and unresponsive, according to Mic.

The video was reportedly deleted fairly quickly once the two boys received condemnation for the lewd acts from their Facebook friends.

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The alleged victim purportedly posted online that she wants to press charges against the harassers after she met with police to discuss the incident, but charges haven’t been filed as of yet.

Apparently, the boys are no strangers to sexual assault as they’ve posted other videos harassing intoxicated girls, according to authorities.

Thanks to screenshots and brave mutual friends notifying the local police, authorities have evidence of the abuse despite the footage being deleted.

The Kansas City Police Department's cyber-crime unit and crimes against children detectives are investigating the allegations, Sgt. Kari Thompson of the Kansas City Police Department said to KCTV5.

As outrageous and disturbing as this incident sounds, these kinds of stunts are a common occurrence in a society that perpetuates rape culture in just about every way. 

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If it's true that these boys have gotten away with posting such degrading, vile content before, that's all the more reason why they didn't see anything wrong with taking advantage of this girl and sharing it with the world wide web.

Anyone who actually believes they will get "likes" on social media for sexual abuse is clearly making decisions under disturbingly misguided logic that they've somehow learned is acceptable and that, is something that needs fixing. 

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