Four Teens Pummel A Girl At A Brooklyn McDonald's As Dozens Watch And Cheer

[WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT] Four girls beat a 15-year-old to a pulp.

The NYPD is investigating disturbing cell phone footage of brutal attack on a 15-year-old school girl in Brooklyn. The vicious brawl reportedly broke out inside a McDonald’s near Erasmus Hall High School on Monday.

It all starts with the girl in the blue sweatshirt, who hits one of the teens but is soon outnumbered as her target’s friends jump in and start throwing kicks and punches at her, relentlessly.

What’s even worse, the crowd cheers on and no one tries to intervene to stop the fight.

At one point in the video, one of the onlookers can be heard saying, “Yo, she’s dead. It’s a murder!”

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The pummeled teenager, a student at Erasmus, was hospitalized overnight but collapsed while she was recovering at home, according to New York Daily News. She was then taken to Kings County Hospital.

“She can’t sleep because she got kicked to the body,” the girl’s grandmother was quoted as saying. “She fell again and they had to take her to the hospital.”

Gothamist reports the NYPD is investigating the incident as an assault. "We are aware of the individuals," a spokesman stated.

However, the girl and even her mother have refused to talk to police, fearing retaliatory attacks. The cops are now trying to get the father to cooperate.

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