Tehran's Poor Kids And Rich Kids On Instagram

Kids flaunting wealth is in stark contrast to images of poor children.

An Instagram account established just last month already has 70,000+ followers.  The "Rich Kids Of Tehran" feed shows the young and wealthy out and about in the Islamic Republic.  

Private planes, swimming pools, gold watches and expensive cars are showcased but not everyone is impressed. Some photos show alcohol and young women without a traditional headscarf, some wearing bikinis.

Iranian law mandates that women cover their hair with a headscarf while in public and dress modestly. Drinking alcohol is forbidden in the country.

With less than 1, 500 followers, the "Poor Kids of Tehran" Instagram account is heartbreaking. 

Although the Iranian government does not give poverty statistics, according to PBS, government researchers said in 2011 that about half of Iran's urban population lives below the poverty line.

In a recent post, those that run the account defended the photos. 

"We Love our city of Tehran. We are in no way trying to put a difference between rich and poor. We are trying to show the world how beautiful Tehran and people from Tehran are. The Middle East is always on TV receiving negative attention and we just wanted to show that Tehran is not like that. This page is in no way political and we never had any bad intentions."


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