Tennessee School Stops Field Trips Because of "Islamic Tolerance"

A Tennessee school halted an elective honors course from having field trips because a father thought there was too much Islam in it.

One would think that, to promote religious freedom and reduce religious extremism, classes would be had to promote all the religions that exist in this world (and no, Scientology is not one of them).  However, in one school in Hendersonville, Tennessee, some father who had never read anything religious in his life other than the Bible got freaked out the moment his step-daughter complained that her curriculum had just a bit too much Islam and "Islamic tolerance" in it, and complained to the school.  Now, field trips for this class have been canceled due to the complaints, though (thankfully) the teacher has not been disciplined.

The father, one Mike Conner, complained that his step-daughter was being forced to accept "Islamic tolerance" after refusing to take a trip to the Islamic Center of Nashville, which also serves as a mosque for the local Muslim community, as part of a popular Honors-level elective World Studies class at the Hendersonville school.  The Hendersonville teacher responded by making the student conduct an assignment that focuses a lot on Islam.  This assignment would make sense, given that the student refused to visit the mosque, and that part of the curriculum had to be covered.

However, the step-daughter, likely because she was just trying to skip out on an assignment and possibly manipulating her parents, wrote on her assignment "Due to the surplus of information on Muhammad and Islam, and the lack information [sic] on Christ and Gandhi, I can't complete the assignment."  There are a couple things wrong with this, the big one being Gandhi: Mohandas Gandhi, while spiritually-minded and partially as a Jain-inspired Hindu, was not a religious figure.  Hindus assassinated him, in fact, and many of them trash him for not being Hindu enough and being non-violent to this day.  If there was something on Rama or Buddha, this would actually make at least a little bit of sense.  But no, Gandhi.  No mention of any Jewish figures either (which would not be hard: Just say Moses or something).  Gandhi.

In any event, Mike Conner complained, citing the lack of religious equality even though he was essentially taking his step-daughter's word, and consequently the Hendersonville school canceled future trips to the Islamic Center of Nashville as well as a Hindu temple nearby.   Conner cited that it would have been great if the school scheduled trips to a church, synagogue, and Buddhist temple. Fair enough, though that would be really hard to achieve, especially with all the branches of Christianity one has to contend with, and also the fact that atheism is one of the top "religions" in the world, and there is not really a way to teach this.

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